The Venue

Halfway to Seventy-Five takes place at the Isis Farmhouse in the beautiful meadow at the back. With a newly-erected giant marquee, we’re ready for any weather too!

Well-behaved dogs are welcome as long as they are on a leash at all times.

All food and drink consumed on the premises must be purchased on the premises – please don’t bring your own!

Here’s the address: The Isis Farmhouse, Haystacks Corner, Iffley Lock, Oxford, OX4 4EL.

How to get there:

The Isis Farmhouse is inaccessible by car, but it’s easy enough to get to. The nearest parking is in Iffley village, though you may want to try the Redbridge park and ride which is further away but parking would be easier and more plentiful. If you’re coming from Iffley, follow the signs down to the lock, cross over the lock gates then turn right down the towpath and the Isis is a short walk along the river. If you choose the park and ride, head towards town down the Abingdon Road then turn right onto the Donnington Bridge Road (there’s a small Tesco on the corner). Once you get to the bridge itself, don’t cross the river but take the path down to the river on the right hand side of the bridge. Take a right on the towpath and the Isis is about a five minute walk. The walk from Iffley should take no more than 10 minutes, the walk from Redbridge about 25.