Christopher Paul Stelling

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“This is what a real self-contained, modern-day troubadour looks and sounds like.” (American Songwriter)

The best way to be a chronicler of our world and our times is to go out and see and experience it first hand, and that’s exactly what Christopher Paul Stelling has done. The last 18 months have seen him play over 260 shows, covering 46 of the 50 states of the USA and taking him to no less than 14 different countries.

A troubadour in the truest sense, Stelling has always written about what he has seen and experienced on his travels, but with the new album Itinerant Arias, this is made all the more explicit. As Stelling explains, “these songs have in common no single origin, or sense of place. like found objects, overheard stories, lost melodies…. with no real home, but from a single voice.”

There’s no hiding the fact that Stelling is troubled by what he has seen, but amongst the uncertainty and fear is a strong sense of hope. As Stelling puts it, “We are on a ship out at sea, unsure if we are on our way back home or leaving for good. Who knows where we are headed? Nobody. So enjoy it.”

While in recent times Stelling has travelled alone with just his guitar, this show will see the virtuosic finger picker backed by a cadre of friends, lending even more energy to an already incendiary live show.

With support from singer/songwriter Pete Gardiner and a rare set from Oxford’s own flamenco maestro Marcos, this promises to be a memorable night of music.

Christopher Paul Stelling with Pete Gardiner & Marcos, Wednesday 20th September 7.30pm, the Handle Bar Oxford.
Advance tickets £9 available here.